Artist △ Gamer △ Coder △ Raconteur △ Triangle Enthusiast

Hi there! I'm Nat, a crab-themed VTuber.I'm an artist and gamer who is enthusiastic about technology, camping, and trying weird beverages. By trade, I am a software engineer.I play video games and draw and might stream a bit of both.

Drawing, coding, camping, playing video games, hiking, making video games, biking, whisky, crabs, triangles, the number three, Bill Cipher, record collecting, beer, electronics, 3D printing, tabletop games
Hot weather, crowds, elevators, the inevitability of death, capitalism, scheduling and planning, Javascript sans-Typescript, mosquitos


Details on offerings and reopening coming soon.


Q: Who created your model?
A: The art and Live2D rigging for my latest model was all done by mochipu! It turned out so amazing, you should check them out.
My emotes are by sunrisejelly!Q: Why is your mouth blue?
A: Yeah.
Q: What tracking software do you use?
A: VTube Studio
Q: What's your intro music?
A: I use a song called "Loading... Please Wait" written for me by my friend guinæpig!
Q: Can I draw you fanart?
A: Of course! I would be honored. Any types of fan creations/content using my character are welcome!